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multipurpose filter funnel set

just say ‘yes’ to less mess

multipurpose filter funnel set
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Shoestring potatoes and Buffalo wings, beer battered fish and fried onion rings, savory soup stock with plenty of zing; are these a few of your favorite things? If you love fried foods but hate the wasted oil, our multipurpose filter funnel set is the perfect solution for filtering your oil so you can use it again and again. But that’s not the only thing this nifty filter set can do. It’s great for straining soup stocks and just about anything else without a mess. The vented funnel screws onto nearly any wide mouth jar and the vented funnel adaptor fits in large containers to reduce spills. So just say ‘yes’ to less mess and get cooking!

  • Dual filter system consists of pre-filter and fine mesh filter:
          - The pre-filter removes unwanted large food particles
          - The fine mesh filter removes small food particles
  • Gray vented wide mouth funnel screws onto nearly all wide mouth jars
  • Red vented funnel adaptor fits 1 gallon+ storage containers
  • Dual tabs on pre-filter and fine mesh filter allow easy removal
  • Saves money by reducing wasted oil Ideal for straining cooking oil, soup stocks, fruit and vegetable juices and more
  • Quick, smooth flow without messy spills
  • Easy to use

*ships only to the contiguous U.S. states

Click here for imporant use and care instructions

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(9 reviews)  

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Wellington Lee
Mar 16, 2018
I use the multi purpose filter funnel set to strain homemade stock, and to reuse cooking oil.

Handy tool for the kitchen but I wish the plastic was more heat resistant.

Advantages: Easy to use and clean.

Disadvantages: I melted the pre-filter when I poured hot rendered chicken fat (schmaltz) and skin through the filter funnel. The melted plastic coated the main body of the funnel.

I wish I knew what the maximum safe temperature was, so I could use a thermometer to gauge when I can pour hot liquid through the funnel filter.
*We contacted the manufacturer and the pre-filter and wide-mouth funnel are made of Polypropylene (PP). The approved temperature for use is 248 F (120 C).
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Aug 19, 2015
This is the best device for removing particles from frying oil. I have saved enough money using this funnel in the past several months by re-using cooking oil to pay for it ten times over!

Advantages: Removes unwanted crumbs from cooking oil, allowing the oil to be used over again. Saves money on the cost of wasting oil.

Disadvantages: None
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Aug 19, 2015
I have purchased several filter funnel sets and never had one before that was as easy to use and clean up afterwards and that strained the minute particles as the set does. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs a great funnel system to strain oils, broths, juices or any other liquid that needs straining. Also saved money by straining and reusing the cooking oils and without having to purchase other supplies to strain minute particles from th6e oil.
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Cheryl Koller
Feb 14, 2021
I've just started using the filter and love it. First thing I did was chicken bone broth and tonight, fried chicken. Sure beats the coffee filter lined sieve!

Advantages: Ease of use

Disadvantages: None
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karen steele
Sep 15, 2018
Best strainer ever! I used this the first time today for tea but am looking forward to using it to strain my expensive peanut oil! Excellent product! (Obviously always let your oil or other hot items cool a bit before straining as all pieces are plastic!)

Advantages: Easy to use and clean!
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