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perfect pan™

the perfect protection from cracked cheesecake and sunken souffles

perfect pan™
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For foolproof, flawless, sweet & savory creations, the Perfect Pan™ saves the day. Delicate baked goods require gentle heat for a smooth, even texture that isn’t cracked, curdled or overcooked. This springform pan has an easy locking latch, removable base with silicone ring and water bath basin that’s a piece of cake to use. Plus it’s leak-proof! Just pour your favorite recipe in the pan, set the pan with the silicone ring on top of the filled water bath basin and bake. Voila - perfection!

  • Leak-proof 9" springform pan with built-in water bath basin
  • Heavy-duty construction with easy locking latch
  • Made of aluminum with silicone ring
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack
  • Patent pending

*ships only to the contiguous U.S. states

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